Rose Valley (Gulludere) is located near Goreme. Rose Valley is the best place to see the fairy chimney formations in Cappadocia. And that makes The Valley a popular hiking route in Cappadocia for nature lovers.


As in other valleys of Cappadocia, here you’ll find many churches, monasteries and shelter areas carved into the rocks. Travelers may see variety of lovely churches and chapels along the valley.

Rose Valley is also home to the best trekking and hiking trails in the Cappadocia region. Gulludere Valley has about 4 km. hiking track and the valley is only accessible by foot. You will see many pigeons while walking in the valley.

Rose Valley separates into two paths. One leads to the to the settlements carved into the rocks used by the priests and monks of the period as a seclusion, and the other one leads to the popular churches of Three Cross Church and Ayvali Church.

You’ll fins 5 churches in the valley that include; Yovakim – Anna Church, Direkli Church, Ayvali Church, St. Agathangelus Church and Three Cross Church.

Among these churches, the Yovakim – Anna Church is one of the most visited churches in the region since it has a very rare Virgin Mary fresco. In addition, the Three Cross Church is famous for the cross carvings carved on its ceiling.

Rose Valley also offers stunning views especially on sunset that visitors may take great photos of the region. Very ideal for photography enthusiasts.

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