Pierre Loti Hill is a great leisure and tourist area with an open air cafe overlooking the Golden Horn with beautiful views. The hill is about 55 meters from sea level. Taking its name from a famous French novelist and traveler, who lived in Istanbul and spent his most of the time here, the hill is accessible by a nice cable car trip.

The hill is a popular spot for taking great photos with the best views of Istanbul. You’ll find seven historic mansions that are now serving as a boutique hotel, a lovely restaurant, a hookah cafe, and the very famous The Hill Cafe and shop where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Golden Horn. And there is a big graveyard on the slopes of the hill.

You can have a good rest there while drinking your Turkish coffee or tea, or enjoy the restaurants at its open air The Hill Cafe.

There is also a telescope on the observation deck by the cafe, near the funicular station. You can enjoy the panoramic views of the city with that telescope.

The Hill is situated on a hill at the Eyup district, on the southern end of Golden Horn.

The most practical and easy way to get to Pierre Loti Hill is to use the Public Buses departing from Eminonu following the coastal road over the Golden Horn to Eyup.

* From Eyup, you have two options:

  • You can take the 3 minutes Eyup – Pierre Loti Hill cable car,
  • You can walk about 800-900 meters uphill by following the Pierre Loti Hill signs from the Eyup Mosque.

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