Duden Waterfall, If you are looking for an amazing walk to enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Antalya, Duden Waterfall is definitely one of the most dazzling natural shows to see in the city.

Duden Waterfall is a unique beauty located in Duden Park in the Lara district of Antalya. It’s a powerful water attraction to see from the sidewalk and also from a boat in the water.

In this article, you will find all the useful information you need to visit Lower Duden Waterfall, including how to visit it (tours with a boat) and what to expect.

One interesting thing to know about the Lower Düden Waterfall is that since the name of the region is Karpuzkaldıran, the waterfall is also called Karpuzkaldıran Şelalesi which literally means the watermelon lifter waterfall.

There are two waterfalls with the same name (Düden) in Antalya. This waterfall pours water from the Düden River, one of the largest rivers in southern Anatolia, into the sea from a natural formation at Karpuzkaldıran. There are similar waterfalls on the cliffs but this one is the most impressive and attracts a lot of visitors.

You can watch the beautiful waterfall from Düden Park nearby. It has an observation terrace that gives a special view of the waterfall. This terrace is not a recreation spot but a large green and pleasant area for visitors. It also features a cafeteria, a parking lot, and a picnic area. Having breakfast at one of the restaurants located on the top with the view of the waterfall is a famous attraction in Antalya.

There are boat tours departing from near the waterfall. It’s also one of the definite stops made by boat tours departing from Antalya Yacht Marina in Kaleiçi. On one of the boat tours, you can capture the most beautiful view of the waterfall from the sea. The best seasons for the tour is spring and summer, when you can actually get close to the waterfall with the boat.

With the refraction of the sun’s rays, a rainbow is often formed near the waterfall. This view should not be missed. Great pictures are guaranteed!

The place where the waterfall flows into the sea is an important place for fishermen. It’s the point where the salty water meets with the fresh water and makes it possible to find most of the fish species in the Mediterranean Sea.

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