Antalya Republic Square, The Atatürk Monument and Republic Square are among Antalya’s most famous landmarks. This monument is also known as the National Ascension Monument. The monument and the square celebrate Atatürk’s rise to power. Under his leadership, the Turkish Republic came into being, making it one of the first countries in this region to boast a republican form of government.

Antalya Republic Square and The monument features bronze handiwork and was created in 1964. Figures featured at the top include Ataturk mounted on a horse, along with a boy and girl representing the country’s youth. When you look at the base, you’ll see the dates for several important military victories listed.

Antalya Republic Square is the city’s main square and one of the most popular attractions. One of the most appealing things about the square is its proximity to the harbor, offering excellent views. Because the square is one of the city’s most popular gathering places, you’ll have a perfect chance of encountering live bands.

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