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Yozgat is a city and the capital district of the city Province in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. According to 2019 census, population of the district is 421,200 of which 106,280 live in the city of the city.

The town is located at an elevation of 4,380 ft (1,335 m), situated 105 mi (170 km) east of Ankara, near the head of a narrow valley through which the Ankara–Sivas road runs. Like much of the Anatolian Plateau, the lands around the city have been deforested over thousands of years of human habitation. This makes the climate and weather harsh, in summers and winters. However, Turkey has taken great steps to reforest at least some of the region.

The main sights of the city of Yozgat are the Yozgat Clock Tower built in 1908 and the Çapanoğlu Mosque built by the Çapanoğlu family, who are the founders of the city. The City Pine Grove National Park is an area of 264 ha (2.64 km2) in which different types of pine trees grow, some up to 500 years old.

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