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Tekirdag is a city in Turkey. It is located on the north coast of the Sea of Marmara, in the region of East Thrace. In 2019 the city’s population was 204,001.

Tekirdag is a commercial centre with a harbour for agricultural products (the harbour is being expanded to accommodate a new rail link to the main freight line through Thrace). It is also home to Martas and the BOTAŞ Terminal, both of them important for trade activities in the Marmara Region. The town’s best known product remains Tekirdağ rakı although it is also known for its cherries, celebrated with a festival every June. The proximity of the Greek and Bulgarian borders means that there are honorary consulates for both countries in Tekirdağ. Ferries from Tekirdağ sail to the nearby Marmara Islands during the summer. The nearest airport is Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport (TEQ) although there are many more flights to Istanbul Airport (IST).

Tekirdağ is situated on the northern coast of the Sea of Marmara, 135 kilometres (84 miles) west of Istanbul. Its picturesque bay is backed by the promontory of the mountain which gives its name to the city, Tekir Dağı, a spur of about 2000 ft. that rises into the hilly plateau to the north. Between Tekirdağ and Şarköy is another mountain, Ganos Dağı.

The City was called Bisanthe or Bysanthe, and also Rhaedestus (Ῥαιδεστός) in classical antiquity. The latter name was used until the Byzantine era, and transformed into Rodosçuk after it fell to the Ottomans in the 14th century. After the 18th century it was called Tekfurdağı, based on the Turkish word tekfur, meaning “Byzantine lord”. In time, the name mutated into the Turkish Tekirdağ, and this became the official name under the Turkish Republic. The historical name “Rhaedestos” (transcribed also as Raidestos) is still used in the Greek Orthodox ecclesiastical context.

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