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Elazig is a city in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, and the administrative centre of Elazığ Province and Elazığ District. It is located in the uppermost Euphrates valley. The plain on which the city extends has an altitude of 1,067 metres (3,501 ft). Elazığ resembles an inland peninsula surrounded by the natural Lake Hazar and reservoirs of Keban Dam, Karakaya Dam, Kıralkızı and Özlüce. Its population is 443,363 (2021)

In the early 20th century, the city was mainly inhabited by Turks and Armenians. The Armenian population grew rapidly in late 19th century and made up most or half of the population. The city also housed Assyrians and Zazas. The city currently has a mixed population of Zazas and Turks.

Elazig is situated at the northwestern corner of a 30-mile-long valley, known locally as Uluova (literally the Great Valley). The area’s Armenians called this valley “Vosgetashd” (the Golden Plain). Its altitude is 3,300 feet (1,000 m), latitude and longitude of 38 degrees and 41 minutes North, and 39 degrees and 14 minutes East. Elazığ Province is surrounded by the Euphrates in the north, and since the completion of Keban Dam the rivers came to cover almost ten percent of the surface area (826 square kilometres (319 sq mi)) of the province (8,455 square kilometres (3,264 sq mi)). Elazığ’s adjacent province borders are with: Tunceli (North), Erzincan (North-West), Bingöl (East), Diyarbakır (South), and Malatya (West)

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